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Established in 1982, The Spurwink School is a licensed, year-round, special education program located at 365 River Road in Lincoln, RI. The school offers integrated academic and therapeutic services to 40 students (ages 5-18) with emotional and behavioral challenges in a safe and nurturing community-based environments. Our small classrooms are staffed by highly qualified, certified teachers, teacher assistants and behavioral specialists, who are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of licensed clinicians and professionals.


The philosophical framework, which underlies all aspects of the Spurwink model, is an eclectic mix of theoretical principles from a variety of pioneers in the fields of humanistic psychology and child development. Our approach is based upon the shared belief that there is power in the therapeutic relationship, which can create/foster positive values by appreciating a child as an individual and accepting him/her as a member of the community. 

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